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Implant Supported Dentures Will Support Your Lifestyle

Implant supported dentures are designed to sit right on top of dental implants and provide a very secure fit and hold. They can be removed for regular cleaning and are unlikely to slip or become loose. Some patients, however, choose fixed implant supported dentures which serve as permanent teeth and are not removable. Regular dentures sit on the top of your gums and can cause bone deterioration. Over time, this leaves space that can lead to complications including slipping, clicking sounds, or a loose fit. Implant supported dentures are secured in the mouth by attaching to dental implants and are often used in the lower jaw.
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  • More stability
  • Eat and speak with confidence
  • No more discomfort
  • Provide a secure fit
  • No clicking sounds

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HKS Dental Services in Chula Vista

If you are interested in getting implant supported dentures, call to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dental veneer dentist in Chula Vista today. HKS Dental has the latest technology for preparing dental veneers and offers you care that is professional and caring. You’ll feel comfortable and relaxed in our beautiful modern office. We’ll give you an estimate of all work to be done before we get started, and you’ll be delighted with your new smile!

Call us at (619) 420-2231 and let us help you choose the look that’s right for you. and let us help you choose the look that’s right for you.