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Your First Dentist Appointment

you first dentist appointment

What To Expect For Your First Dentist Appointment

There is nothing more important than oral health. Your dentist can help you avoid many issues before they become major problems by keeping an eye on the quality of your teeth and gums with regular visits from them! We at HKS Dental would never want our patients to be afraid when visiting for their first time or future appointments because we know how stressful it may seem otherwise; that’s why every patient gets warm hospitality during their visits as well as after treatment has finished.

You should schedule regular dental visits because it’s important to avoid oral health issues and diagnose any conditions. We want you to be prepared when coming to us for your first time – whether experiencing pain, changing dentists, or just looking back on what has happened since your last visit at The HKS Dental where we won’t make light of our patient’s smiles but instead help them grow confident in themselves again through healthy gums & strong teeth!

Before Your First Appointment

For the first time visit, we ask that new patients fill out medical forms. You can download our forms here. We have several other new patient forms that we ask to be filled out before your visit. The forms include dental history release of information, financial policy, informed consent, medical history, and patient financial agreement. Click here for more details.

We recommend that you schedule enough time off from work or school to not feel rushed. If you don’t have much of a break, we suggest an end-of day appointment. Get into the office at least 15 minutes early before your session starts by filling out essential paperwork found in reception area; come prepared by having both driver license and insurance card ready when checking-in

Our office will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your treatment plan.

If you have dental insurance, make sure to ask about the options your dentist provides. You might be charged a copay at office visits or billed the balance after being pays for by their own plan.

During Your First Appointment

You may feel a little uncomfortable during your appointment as the dental hygienist covers you with plastic or paper cloth. You’ll be offered an ultrasonic tool to clean off any plaque buildup on top of their work, which includes scraping around adulthood tooth enamel before polishing it off using spinning heads that brush against each other for extra-effective cleaning power! After this screening process is complete they might apply fluoride varnish so white attractively pearly whites stay bright forevermore.

The hygienist will show the dentist where there might be problems. They might use a periodontal probe to measure the depths of gum pockets or an ultrasonic tool that helps find any gaps between teeth while also checking for diseases like cancer with its amazing capabilities!

Once completed, the dentists will talk to you about your oral health. Feel free to ask any questions and address comments or concerns at this time.

For a comfortable, and relaxing, dental appointment, call us today at (619) 420-2231. We look forward to making you smile!

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